Clam River Whitetails is also owned by Jarrod Washburn and is well known as one of the top breeding farms in the industry. CRW has an extremely high end doe herd that includes many of the top bloodlines the breeding world knows. We concentrate mainly on breeding for huge framed typicals, but we also have a small percentage of our breeding program designed to produce the high scoring non-typicals. All of the bucks on Major League Bucks' properties have been produced by our breeding stock. Whether your favorite traits are typical, non-typical, wide, huge mass, kickers, stickers or anything else we will have something that fits the type of buck you're looking to hunt. Huge bodies is one of the most important traits we try to breed for. Every buck that gets to breed for us won't even be considered if he doesn't have a huge, heavy body with some weighing over 300 pounds.

Pictured are some of our past and present breeders as well as some photos of our stocker bucks we've produced at the farm.

Clam River Whitetails
Clam River Whitetails

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Jarrod Washburn, Owner
[email protected]

10003 Olinger Road
Webster, WI 54893
715-866-8811 fax

Todd Main, Farm Manager